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Issues to Resolve

Tax Burden


The tax burden has become crippling to many local residents. There’s a problem when families are forced to sell their homes because they can't afford our local property taxes!

Clark County borders a state that has no sales tax, which hurts our local businesses. This also creates a tax-leak that causes revenue shortfalls when it comes time to craft a county budget. 

The County needs to find new sources, other than your back pocket, to generate revenue. One viable option is to create policies that attract new businesses. Enticing more family wage jobs to locate in Clark County is the answer, not higher taxes! 

 More business and industrial tax base will create much needed tax relief for our citizens. 

Our working families cannot continue to take on more tax burden each year. It’s the County's job to deliver necessary services to residents without breaking the bank.


The County's funds do not come out of thin air. As your District 4 County Councilor, I will work hard to protect your tax dollars and ensure they are spent wisely and efficiently.

Congested Bridges


 Clark County residents experience worsening traffic congestion every day.  The Glenn Jackson I-205 bridge was completed nearly forty years ago. It’s unacceptable there are still only two bridges that serve our growing region. 

Replacing the I-5 bridge is not going to relieve congestion. New corridors are needed on the east and west sides of our county.

Portland has 12 bridges that cross the Willamette river. Each day, 75,000 SW Washington residents cross over two bridges to commute for work. Our citizens are tired of sitting in the traffic.

Our transportation challenges have reached critical mass. Leaders can no longer kick the can down the road. Our citizens deserve better and I will not rest until new corridors are part of our strategic transportation plan. 

Property Rights


The Washington State Legislature must further reform the Growth Management Act (GMA). Much of our area’s land use challenges are a result of the outdated GMA.


Comprehensive GMA reforms will foster more opportunity for living wage jobs in our rural communities. Everyone should have the opportunity to live where they work! This will be one of my top priorities as your District 4 County Councilor!

GMA’s restrictive land use policies is also one of the main causes of skyrocketing housing costs.  High density housing creates more traffic congestion and puts additional strains on our public safety agencies.


Private property landowners in our rural areas have become exploited by special interest environment groups who want to destroy our rural heritage.  With strong, focused leadership, the county can address these issues.

As your District 4 County Councilor, I will work tirelessly to restore the property rights for all our neighbors!

About Brook


Brook grew up in Washougal, as did her Mother and Grandfather. Her roots run deep in District 4. She now lives in Camas with her Husband, Sascha Pell. They have five children; four in the Camas school district and their oldest is a freshman at Clark College.


Brook is the Chief Operating Officer for a family owned construction company which builds residential and commercial steel buildings. Prior business experience includes Commercial Real Estate property manager of a diversified capital management firm. The firm's portfolio consisted of a commercial office campus, retail centers and residential and multi-family properties.


Brook's priorities are policies that attract job creators to Clark County, transportation solutions that are supported

by the taxpayers, lean and efficient government, policies that respect the rights of urban and rural land owners, good

roads, adequate funding for law enforcement and infrastructure to support growth.




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